Upcoming Events

We meet for dinner at 6:45 PM on Tuesday evenings after running/walking in Delaware Park. For dates where we meet for dinner at a private home, see Bill’s announcements for the addresses.

September 2022 – January 2023


1 Mythos

8 Sports City Pizza (VOTE today!)

Fri., Nov. 11, G2H2, McGarret’s (formerly No Name), 946 Elmwood, just south of Bidwell Parkway.

15 The Lenox Grill

22 The Towne

29 Curry’s


6 Kosta’s

Sun., Dec. 11th, Front Runner Holiday Party at Rust Belt Bar and Grill, 3720 Lake Shore Rd., Blasdell, NY. Cocktail hour 5:30 – 6:30, followed by dinner.

Optional anonymous gift exchange ($10 range). Collection of toiletries and warm clothing for the City Mission. Menu and price (around $30) to follow. Note: the restaurant is not far from the football stadium, so those attending the game should be able to make it. (Bills – Jets, starts at 1 PM, Orchard Park)

13 Bob & John’s

20 Mike & Pop’s

27 Sidelines


3 Mythos

10 Sports City Pizza

17 The Lenox Grill

24 The Towne

31 Curry’s