Upcoming Events

We meet for dinner at 6:45 PM on Tuesday evenings after running/walking in Delaware Park. For dates where we meet for dinner at a private home, see Bill’s announcements for the addresses.

Summer 2022

Aug. 1-2, Mon. – Tues., Front Runners at Jones Pond. Contact Roger Paolini, rogersouth@aol.com, or Pete Carroll, pc261938@gmail.com, if interested.

Tues., Aug. 2, Meet at 6 PM in Delaware Park. Dinner at Mike and Andy Klemm’s. Mike Klemm, Klemmre9@yahoo.com, Andy Klemm, andrew.klemm@aol.com. Mike and Andy joined this summer (after a 20+ year hiatus) and told me they would be happy to host. I told them I would get some volunteers to help them. Andrew Bugnacki has volunteered. Robert Winters is bringing fruit and I’ll bring some coleslaw. We are looking for some additional members to bring side dishes – deviled eggs, cookies, fruit, potato salad, etc. Thanks. Front Runner Beverage Service

Fri., Aug. 5, Informal Happy Hour at Q Bar

Tues., Aug. 9, Meet at 6 PM in Delaware Park. Dinner in Ron Houk’s backyard, 36 Rebecca Park, Buffalo. Also hosted by Joe Puma, Tom Staebel, Mark Horowitz, and Rick Marable. Front Runner Beverage Service

Fri., Aug. 12, G2H2, to be announced

Tues. Aug. 16, Pizza in the Park hosted by Joe Draiccio, Joey Gagliardi, and Art Picogna. Front Runner Beverage Service.

Aug. 23, Tues., Dinner in Kevin Buckley’s backyard. Also hosted by George Ginther and Chris Morris. Front Runner Beverage Service

Sept. 4, Sun., Pot-luck picnic at Bill and Bob’s cottage